Watched ‘PINK’ and like every other Indian girl it provokes many buried questions inside me. Are we safe in our own country? If you are thinking ‘by safe’ I mean from the rapist and molesters you are wrong (that question is far away being considered answerable), by safe I mean from our rancid principles that decide whether a girl is cultured or not, and if not it gives permission to do whatever we want. Let’s see what the rule book of our society says-

# If a girl is dressed decently, a boy will not look at her in the wrong way. So girls if a boy is looking at you like he is scanning x-ray of your body, please go to him and apologize for not having dressing sense and if possible ask him to give you the list about what you should wear and what not.

# If you are a girl who is independent, unmarried and have male friends, hanging out and posting photos at social media with them BANG ON you are characterless and our society (consists of respected people who worship cows and treat women like animals, who want their son to get good job and daughter only to get a good husband, who boast of different culture and languages but use derogatory names likes chinki and continue to discriminate between north and south Indian, who…this list has no end) will not accept you among them because you are ruining their culture.

# Women who go out at night has only themselves to blame if they attract the attention of gangs of male molesters. So, next time before going out check out your watch if at this time you will disturb the molesters. I have a better idea why don’t we chain them in rape.

# (This one is really epic) Consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents (rape).No words can describe this statement. I really feel sympathic with people having this kind of opinion, you need medical help.

# Call the culprits ,’brothers’ and beg them to stop. So next time some pervert approaches you start calling him ‘Bhaiylya’ and hope he remembers his sister and leaves you but its your bad luck if he doesn’t have any sister.

# Marry your rapist. This is the worst thing I have ever heard or read. I really want to meet those people who think so and ask them what difference it will make. Does marriage will turn him from beast to human? Does the sin he had committed will reduce to ashes and vanish in that sacred agni or you just want to permit him the ‘license to rape’ because that what marriages gives to us.

What’s the use of establishing more and more laws when people continue to stick to their sick mentality? Dear society, we are suffering more because of you than because of molesters. They harm us physically but you people are daily raping us mentally.

14 thoughts on “Soch!!!

  1. This post is fantastic…you are strong and brave and fierce and feisty….what a wonderful combination….thank you for sharing….we need people like you to provide inspiration and to promote soulful solidarity…you are awesome 🙂

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