“सोचा उतार दूं हर दर्द काली स्याही से इस कोरे कागज़ पे,
तो शायद मेरे दिल के लहू से ये कागज़ लाल और मैं सफ़ेद (आज़ाद ) हो जाऊं।”

Once you start writing, you will find it’s the best therapy in the world. For me, nothing is more efficient than it, to curtail my pain and tensions. Pen down everything bothering you and believe me, you will experience an immense peace. Your diary will neither judge you for your mistakes nor laugh at you for your problems. You have a great friend besides you, just trust it once. This is how and why I started writing.

P.S: I am embarking this style of writing on my blog. Please let me know if you like it, as your honest reviews are really humongous fillips for me.


15 thoughts on “रंग

  1. I’m Glad you wrote it in English too 😊
    And this time I got the gist of the Hindi quote correct I guess. . Kakaj is paper, lal is color, dhil is heart, safed is clean.. I don’t know the full meaning but sounds good..

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    1. Haha waao.. someone is improving..hu..😊you are almost there this time..let me just arrange the words for you. It means
      ” I am writing down my every pain
      in this white paper, after that maybe this paper will look red because of my bleeding heart and I’ll turn white.(After removing every baggage from my mind).”

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