Liebster Award #2


Hello guys!!!

Hope you all are doing great. So, this is my second Liebster Award. (Well the number doesn’t matter, reading the word ‘award’ itself brings smile and joy) And for that smile I would like to thank Jamie . It’s really sweet of her to nominate me though I am not regular.

I have described about the award, the rules, random facts and my nominees in my last award. So, I am just going to answer her questions to me

Q. A moment( good/ bad) that had a great impact on your life?

Actually, it’s not a single moment, but a phase of my life when I was going through so much and there was no one to listen. So I kept everything to myself and it started becoming poisonous to my soul. I just needed someone to sit and listen to me. No advice, No judgement just a pair of ears but didn’t get that. Since then I listen to people, anyone and everyone. I believe, somewhere people always know what they are supposed to do, they don’t need our advice, merely our presence can work for them. So, that phase turned me into a good listener. I request you all to try it too. You have no idea how important that can be for someone.

Q. Why you have started blogging?

I heard this blogging concept from one of my friends. He, himself, is a marvelous blogger. So he advised me to write online after reading my few poems. But I always find my writings superficial, so didn’t take him seriously.
But after few months I was just scrolling here and there and found this WordPress site. I made my site out of nowhere, even the naming of site was spontaneous. As I am an introvert and barely share my emotions to anyone, so ‘Unsaid Thoughts’.
I had no clue back then what I was going to write here.

Q. Your boosting lines for an unemployed graduate?

Everyone struggles in their life. Someone in the beginning of their career, someone in the middle. So, don’t worry you are going to make it. Be consistent and do your best.

Q. Three changes that you like to bring in this society?

Firstly, I would like to abolish this cast- religion system. I am really sick of hearing the news of people fighting over religion. I mean, why? It’s so stupid to fight over the almighty.

Second, I would love a society where people don’t judge one another. You never know someone’s complete story, so stop judging them for their choice of life.

Third, I would like if there would be a criteria of basic education and no criminal background to be in politics.

Q. If you can be a famous personality for one day. Who would it be and why?

I’ll prefer to be myself and get famous for a day.

Q. One habit that you want to transform into yourself from others?

It always amazes me how people wake up at 5:00 am and start their day with morning walk and all where I forcefully drag myself out of bed after snoozing 3-4 alarm of 8/9 am. So, waking up early.

Q. Your favourite blog in

It’s the tough one to answer as her each poem carries the poignancy with a tenderness which is a rare combination. But there are two blogs, I loved the most, My Superhero’ and ‘The blurry‘.

Thank you guys !!! Your support and appreciation really makes my day.

Lots of love💞

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