आधी जिंदगी उन्हें ये ‘यकीन’ दिलाने में निकल गई कि हमें उनसे मोहब्ब्त है, और आधी खुद को ये कि उन्हें नहीं है।


18 thoughts on “यकीन

  1. Please don’t mind…….this is my collaboration
    समझ नहीं आता तुम्हें तकलीफ किस बात में ज्यादा है….वो झूठ जिस पर तुम यकीन करते हो…..या…..वो सच जिस पर तुम यकिन करना नहीं चाहते हो

    आपकी पंक्तियाँ बहुत हि बेहतरीन थी इसलिए मैं खुद को रोक नहीं पाया।

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  2. वाकई दिल को छूती पंक्तियाँ। आज ही रेखा जी रचना पढ़ कुछ पंक्तियाँ लिखी थी—
    कहाँ थे कहाँ आ गए,
    कैसे थे कैसे हो गए,
    कभी सोचा न था
    ये दुनियाँ ऐसी होगी,
    कभी सोचा न था हम वैसे हो गए।

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  3. ये कंबख्त मोहब्बत चीज ही ऐसी है लावण्या जी ,

    अरसा लग जाता है निभाने मे ❤

    और बस मेहेज कुछ चंद पल ..
    टूट कर बिखर जाने मे 💔

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  4. I’m just reading your work… and believe me, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this comment! You express soo much using only a few words… it’s lovely!! Not only me… but it seems that your words affect many others, that’s a very rare and beautiful quality!! Keep writing💫

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    1. Hey Soumya!!! thank u so much for finding time for my writings and appreciating them..
      This is so strange..I was having this conversation with my friend today that may be I should stop writing.. atleast for sometime..when u write about something u revisit that moment and that’s kind of painful too..she was suggesting me I shouldn’t and all..and now I see this comment…may be it’s just a coincidence..may be not..but Ur gesture really gave me some clarity…thnks💞🤗

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      1. It might be a coincidence! But trust me… even if you stop writing, your thoughts will start jumping in your head… a creative mind can’t stay bare for much time! You should definitely keep writing, whatever it may be, whatever comes to your mind. It’s very true that old memories are painful… but stopping yourself forcefully from writing or expressing will not help…. you will not even realise but it will hurt you even more. Let your emotions flow… in whatever manner it may be, I don’t know about your other hobbies or passions but if writing provides you with some sort of inner satisfaction, you must continue….
        I myself restricted me from writing(last year) but now it’s like an outburst that I write even more… I’ve realised not to force any instincts or ideas!
        Do what makes you happy!!

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      2. Now I can say it wasn’t just a coincidence..I’ll keep writing..
        this is one of the things I love about WordPress, you meet strangers and realise somewhere they have travelled the same path as you…Glad to find you Soumya🤗..and thankyou so much for going out of way for motivating me…lots of love💞

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      3. It’s good to hear that you’ve decided to keep writing!! It was really great knowing you as well!! 🤗And please.. don’t thank me… Lots of love to you too!💫

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