Words That Stay

Before I commence telling you my story I would like to ask you all, Is there something someone has told you, or you have encountered, anywhere, that caused a paradigm shift in the way you look at things? Think…

I was in class 9th. I doubt whether you remember, there was a show that used to come on TV that time ‘Sach ka Samana’, where people were questioned about their life while being monitored by a polygraph machine which detects lies based on pulse rate and all. May be the show wasn’t real, but as a teenager, I was curious about the whole concept and used to watch it.

In one episode, they were screening about this personality, Laxmi Narayan. She is an activist. She has written books about the right of transgender and she,herself, is one of them. I don’t remember the whole episode but one question.

The Anchor asked her, ‘We all have heard that the curse from you people (transgender) comes true and generally people fear that. Is it? Is it true?’

(Aisa Maana jaata h ki aapke samudaay wale logon ke dwara di badua lag jaati h, log isliye aap logon se darte b hai. To kya ye sach h..sach m Aisa hota h?)

Normally this question would offend anyone.

But she heard it calmly with a smile on her lips and replied,

‘why only Transgenders, if you hurt anyone up to that extent that their heart cries, it will affect you. Even if they don’t curse you.

(Sirf humare samudaay Ko hi kyu, aap kisi ki Insaan ko iss had tak satao ki uske Dil se aah nikle, to wo lag hi jaati hai )

It’s been 10 years, the echoes of her words still resonate with in me. As a social worker, she definitely has changed thousands of lives and mine is one of them.

So, back to my question. Tell me about your experience, I would love to read it. And maybe someone gets something from that he cherishes his whole life. You never know whom you are inspiring.


21 thoughts on “Words That Stay

  1. Her words.. ❤️ and I remember a family member once told me that to build your own universe you have to die each day in other words to build your empire only consistent with the hard work is the key. 🌸

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  2. This is really powerful and so true. When a heart is hurt and cries because of us – the tears are like a subtle cage that crush us in ways we may not realize. I think that is why all cultures talk about the golden rule – treat others like you would want to be treated.

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  3. That was an wonderful answer.. no one would have expected that.. and yes it surely would change the lives we see then..

    I remember one incident that happened when I was with my bestie..
    I dropped her in a bus stop and about to kick start my bike I saw 3 boys were staring at her.. I felt bad and was in no mood to fight..instead told her about them n asked her to sit back to drop her at next stop..
    she said “dhekno dho kya dhekenge mera paas wahi hai jo unke maa aur behen k paas hai” that was a tight slap to those guys..
    I still remember these lines and use the same at times for my female frnds…

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  4. its been with most of most organisations that one works for , where one has no options but to quit even when puts in their best performances, for reasons beyond the actual work, just keep quiet and look for alternatives and when something strikes, leave the place quiet, leaving all the heartburns silently to the organisations itself, in the vain hope of something better to happen in future..but corporates are corporates..this is not going to happen…unless one settles down to do something on their own…

    as a social worker one got to experience much much more than this…trying to change the status quo..the norm…one is bound to get thrashings…and one should be ready for it…if one wants to genuinely expect a change…i will describe this experience in one of my posts sometimes…

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