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Love doesn’t always tickle in your stomach,
Sometimes it messes with your brain too.

It’s not always as comfortable as that perfect bed where u just crawl into after a hard day,
Sometimes it,itself, gives you teary eyes and sleepless night.

It doesn’t always feel like that soothing wind which blows your hair in perfect direction.
Sometimes it makes you so insecure and jealous that u can feel the burn inside.

It doesn’t always whisper sweet words into your ears in those late night calls,
Sometimes it makes you want to kill your partner for not picking the call.
(used only for warning purpose😉)

It doesn’t always taste refreshing like the first sip of your morning tea,
Sometimes it’s the extra shot of vodka you knew you shouldn’t but you take it anyway.

It can’t be represented in an uniform graph which grows with time,

But maybe in a sin wave that also contains the heated arguments, misunderstanding, fear and everything that can compel you to give up.

It’s doesn’t come with ‘made for each other’ tag
you have to be there for each other and make it work.

Yes, love is definitely not easy.
But loving that ‘one person’ is easy
As it comes naturally to you.


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