Our happy place

It’s already midnight, I am sitting in my balcony, feeling the warmth of coffee mug wrapped between my hands. My hair is dancing in the rhythm of cold breezes, the silence, the peace is making me nostalgic about our college life. With a cup of tea and diary I used to sit beside my hostel window every night. Yes, every single night.. it’s my kind of meditation, my happy place. And my diary was the first one to witness my love for you. I have written so many unsent letters addressed to you, so many incomplete poems, our names doodled together. Things we do in love in beyond understanding of a sane person.

Suddenly you tap me on my shoulder, ‘do you need a refill, love’, pointing at my cup you asked. I nodded and by holding your hands make you sit with me. Slowly I lean my head on your shoulder, whisper in your ears,”I am glad I found courage to confess my love”. “Yeah but it’s been 10 years now”, kissing my forehead you replied. We both are lost…lost together amid the beauty of night, in our happy place.

I smile, knowing I am living the life I always wanted…


28 thoughts on “Our happy place

  1. Love is the best meditation everyone should practise. 10 years or 20, the love of your life will always be the beauty of all your days & nights!
    Composition, full of heartwarming emotions & feelings. Just beautiful, Lavanya.

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    1. Well it can be meditation or destruction… depends on your partner.
      I am lucky though😊glad that my emotions reached you. Thanks for your lovely words Raushan ☺️❤️


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