Just a khyal

The thing we look for outside is the thing which lacks inside.

I have realised I lack the sense of self-achivement, that’s why I need reassurance from people around me. And when someone questions my abilities, I lose my calm as knowingly or unknowingly they touched my weak spot.

The day I fill myself with confidence will be the day I don’t need others to pour it into me.

What’s your lacking? Let’s talk about it or how else we will throw it out of our mind.


6 thoughts on “Just a khyal

  1. I tend to get triggered at times when people act stupidly. You are not alone Lavanya and the problem not with you but them. Try a technique of closing your eyes and see the person putting you down. Enter the person and see yourself from their eyes. Repeat the exercise. It helps building confidence.

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  2. I think I am weak at completing beautiful things. I have unread books, half watched series, projects that were never finished, love that didn’t succeed. Whenever I do start something with very excitement at beginning I lose the way in middle and never finish it.

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    1. I too have a few unread books and half watched series. I can relate what you are talking about. You know Vivek, It always amaze me how people finish a book in one or two sitting. We need that kind of motivation.

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